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Being Connected

Being Connected

Learn about the importance of social wellbeing as well as ways to improve friendships, professional relationships and family life.

Our Being Connected Workshop allows employees to:

- Understand the importance of social wellbeing
- Understand how social wellbeing impacts quality of life.
- Gain insight into building better relationships, friendships and family bonds.
- Learning to be more assertive and know when to say no.

Employers can therefore benefit from a workforce who are happier both at home and at work. A higher life satisfaction can help promote productivity, optimism and enthusiasm which is transferred into work. Employees who feel more connected to colleagues are more likely to ask for help and provide help to other colleagues when it is needed, meaning that your team bond is strengthened, and work is carried out more efficiently.

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As an employer OptiMe gives our company the opportunity to demonstrate to our employees that we really care about them and will offer support covering the 6 pillars of wellbeing