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Dealing with Depression

“What’s written is thoughts accompanied by feelings carried by emotions. Let it be said there’s no blame. These life events whisper my truths. A path in the right direction can lead to many journeys. Ours together can only flourish.” Mark Robbins Tell us about yourself and your experience with Mental Health. My name is Mark. …

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mental health

7 ways to manage Anxiety

Tell us about yourself and your experience with Mental Health.  My name is Natalie and I’m a resident wellbeing specialist at OptiMe, I have numerous wellbeing qualifications and I also have anxiety. I first experienced anxiety when I was around the age of 7. I would experience dizzy spells, sickness and stomach cramps and would fear …

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Preventing Burnout

Facebook Twitter Linkedin Whatsapp We all know what burnout looks like. It’s the co-founder working 130 hour weeks, the employee with 100 tasks and no assistance or the team with unobtainable sales targets. It is so common that anyone in any career is susceptible to burnout. Despite being so common, many managers aren’t aware of …

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