OptiMe specialises in supporting businesses and HR professionals to enhance employee wellbeing, provide practical mental health training and ensure essential policies are in place.

At OptiMe we provide businesses with an effective wellbeing solution that supports their duty of care and meets the needs of each employee. We are passionate about optimising employee health, happiness and productivity.

Our approach focuses on providing proactive and preventative support that is intended to create long lasting, positive impact. Employees are encouraged to learn about a range of health and wellbeing topics and techniques, to find out which works best for them. Individuals are also supported to address any challenges before they become a greater issue. We aim to inspire and encourage each individual to implement wellbeing techniques into their daily life, solve wellbeing challenges they are facing today and prepare for those which may lie ahead.

The OptiMe app provides employees with confidential and personalised content using the Six Pillars of Wellbeing Model designed to help each individual thrive! We also provide counselling support and a 24/7 wellbeing helpline.

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Workplace Wellbeing

The Six Pillars of Wellbeing Approach

Employee Wellbeing: To support employee wellbeing in the workplace, the OptiMe six pillar approach is designed to focus on six separate areas of wellbeing, that will resonate differently with each individual. This facilitates  employees to create, prioritise and personalise their own wellbeing goals, depending on what challenges they are currently facing, in order to take control of their own wellbeing journey and seek support in the areas where their priorities lie.

Body and Wellbeing: I appreciate the benefits of a healthy body and want to improve my nutrition, fitness, physical health and sleep cycles.

Mind and Wellbeing: I am ready to nourish my mind, recognise my emotions and learn to manage difficult situations that may come my way.

Career Wellbeing: I want to set myself career goals, find a healthy work life balance and realise my career potential at a level that makes me feel happy and content. 

Money Wellbeing: I am working towards my financial goals and need support to overcome potential financial challenges along the way.

Relationship Wellbeing: I understand the importance of positive relationships and want to maintain and grow my connection with others.

Surroundings and Wellbeing: I want to create an ideal working environment so my mood, behaviours and productivity can remain positive.

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