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How a good night’s sleep is crucial for Health and Wellbeing.

Did you know that we spend up to a third of our lives sleeping?

Sleeping directly impacts our physical health, mental health and our ability to perform at work. Do you get the recommended 8 hours of sleep each night?

If you struggle, we’ve got a quick formula: POWER

Plan. Stick to a regular routine of going to bed and at the same time each night (even on weekends). This allows your body to learn when to release the hormone melatonin, the signal for sleep.

Outdoors. Our body clocks are coordinated by light. Sunlight is x1000 more effective in regulating your body clock than office lighting, so make sure you spend some time outdoors each day.

Wind Down. We often tire ourselves out by pushing our bodies to stay awake when our body clocks are telling us to sleep. Make sure you wind down and go to bed when your body tells you to.

Energise Strategically. Do you really need caffeine before bed? Switch to decaf or stay hydrated with water.

Relaxation. Practice relaxation techniques. This will leave the body relaxed and can take your mind off intrusive thoughts.

LOSING Sleep over LOST Sleep?

Losing sleep is a universal problem which can affect organisational performance. It is often caused by ignorance of just how valuable a good night’s sleep is for the body.

A recent survey has shown that more than a third of UK employees admit that they do not get the adequate sleeping time of 7-9 hours per night.

During sleep, our body renews and repairs itself. It is a vital bodily function, yet many of us forget about maintaining a good night’s sleep. Perhaps this is due to a lack of understanding, but it seems likely that this is due to the fact our lives are now busier than ever before.

Unfortunately for many employees the result of poor sleep can appear as stressed, anxiousness, tiredness, and they can ultimately suffer from mental health issues.

How can organisations help their employees get a great night’s sleep?


Light up the Workplace

Whether you are returning to work post COVID or you are still working from home, make steps to brighten up your workplace to ensure your body clock is regulated accordingly.

Whether you move to sit by a window, purchase a UV desk lamp or spend some time working outdoors. Improving your working environment can have a positive effect on health and wellbeing.

If you are spending 37 hours a week at your place of work, you need this space to be comfortable, inspiring, and bright to work all through the day and sleep all through the night!

Consume at least 2L of water a day

Cars are powered by fuel. Humans are powered by water and nutritional foods. Without these, our bodies cannot function.

Water does wonders for our wellness. A recent study from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics stated that “an adults body is around 55-60% water. Drinking water everyday is vital for the body to work and perform correctly”.

Try reaching for water instead of your usual coffee.

Many people believe they ‘need’ that coffee to prevent tiredness and give them energy. Infact, coffee does the opposite. It dehydrates your body. Meaning that once the initial caffeine buzz has worn off, you can become lethargic and will be in need of twice as much water.

The benefits of drinking water are endless. Water hydrates your skin, makes you feel younger, helps brain function and prevents muscle soreness and tiredness. Encourage employees to consume at least 2L of water each day to help their body function naturally to maintain energy levels throughout the day and sleep at night.

Implement a Employee Wellbeing Strategy

It has been proven that businesses with employee wellbeing strategies encourage employees to live healthy lifestyles and improve sleep.

The OptiMe digital solution, for example, has a track record in reducing stress, helping employees cope with financial struggles, and creating a positive work culture which fosters mental health. All of which can play an instrumental part in improving employee sleep quality and quantity, and when employees are well rested they perform more effectively and efficiently at work.

Sleep is crucial to an individual’s wellbeing. Are you already  implementing ways to improve employee sleep? If you have any further tips please share them by commenting below.

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