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Listening to employees: Five reasons why it is essential

‘Talk To Us’, is the Samaritans annual awareness-raising campaign to encourage us to become better listeners. So this month at OptiMe we have been discussing the importance of listening to employees.

Why should employers be listening to employees more?

Listening to employees might seem like common sense, but a recent poll showed that 64% of workers thought that “leaders making decisions without seeking input” was their biggest problem.

The following are five reasons why listening to your employees is essential to your business.


A recent poll stated that 38% of employees felt that leaders dismiss their ideas. A committed employee base is one of the benefits of listening to your employees. Those who are willing to actively listen, spark greater efforts from the workforce.

Active listening starts within yourself and when regularly practiced will branch out to your employees. If you would like to read our blog post on ‘How to be a good listener’


Many companies collect employee opinions via contests and rewards. When employee ideas are heard, the company can be positively impacted whilst also engaging employees.

Staying Proactive

Instead of always sourcing ideas from the top down, crowd sourcing can be effective in understanding what is actually important to employees. Letting employees engage, can highlight issues otherwise undetected as well as support in problem solving.


Many employers make the mistake of making plans without engaging their employees first. Listening to team concerns can help you develop retention strategies and boost morale.

With a programme in place that encourages active listening of employee concerns, you can have a positive impact on your retention percentage.

The Bottom-Line

Another key reason listening to employees is important is it’s impact on your bottom-line. Employees who feel listened to feel more connected with the employer, and therefore feel more motivated to work for the organisation.

Having regular open forums can foster a culture of listening and open communication within the company.

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