OptiMe Digital Solution

Transform your workplace today

The OptiMe platform provides a personalised, digital solution that focuses on proactive and preventative support to create a long lasting, positive impact by addressing small personal challenges before they become a bigger issue

Personalised Dashboard

A company branded employee wellbeing dashboard where each employee will receive a private login. Each individual can monitor their progress, whilst keeping up to date with new content and features.

Bespoke Content

Content is specific to each employee, providing guidance and workshops to each individuals specific issues and challenges.

Goal Setting Feature

The OptiMe ‘Six Pillar’ approach focuses on six areas of wellbeing - Body, Mind, Career, Money, Relationships and Surroundings; which we have identified as the many areas where an individual may face personal challenges or may want to create goals, allowing everybody to drive their own wellbeing journey.

Earn OptiMe Awards

Create Awards bespoke to your organisation, in line with your business goals and company culture. Reap the benefits of regular employee recognition such as increased happiness, motivation and loyalty.

Bank of Workshops

Each employee will receive access to an extensive bank of video workshops, developed by leading professionals.

Wellbeing Support Line

Employees can be connected directly to a professional counsellor available 24/7.

Healthy Recipes

Enjoy a wide range of recipes tailored to your dietary requirementsincluding Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan and Vegetarian to support ahealthy and nutritious diet.

Occupational Exercises

A range of occupational exercises are available and tailored to support your physical wellness and reduce daily stiffness and strains. Exercises support desk-based, standing, driving or combination occupational activities.

Monthly Newsletter

A new monthly newsletter is available on the OptiMe App each month. Each newslettercovers a new health or wellbeing topic with links to support organisations, nationalcampaigns and practical advice.

OptiMe Six Pillars

The OptiMe Six Pillars is a personalised, digital solution focusing on proactive and preventative support to create a long lasting, positive impact by addressing challenges before they become a greater issue

Occupational exercises to reduce daily stressors and strains, recipes to promote a balanced and healthy diet and guidance on physical health.

Content to nourish the mind and guidance through difficult and stressful situations.

Promoting confidence in the workplace, setting career-related goals and guidance to finding a work/life balance.

Resources to help setting financial goals and insight into solving issues such as credit score and debt.

Understanding how best to communicate at work and in home life.

Insight into creating a space at home and at work in which happiness and productivity will flourish.

Transform wellbeing in your workplace

Why choose a digital solution?

Confidential Support


Evidence-based Approach

OptiMe works closely with University Academics and Scientists to continually develop proven techniques and best practice for maximum results. 

Amplify Wellbeing

Amplify your wellbeing initiatives and drive a better employee experience

Companies that partner with OptiMe are seeing happier, healthier and more engaged employees, leading to better business performance and outcomes.


OptiMe respects the individual’s privacy. No personal data will be shared with the employer, or anywhere else for that matter.

Less than a cup of coffee

There are many things that make us stand out including our passion and commitment for employee health and wellbeing, our ability to tailor resources for sustainable growth, development and ROI, and our knowledge and expertise as leaders in Wellbeing and HR.  

Your company and employees can benefit from all of this for less than a cup of coffee per month.

Counselling Support

If a time comes when an individual requires assistance, a counsellor can be accessed for professional support. Our freephone number is available 365 days per year to ensure employees can receive support exactly they need it. Counselling sessions can also be booked in advance for ongoing support.

HR Support

Effectively implementing wellbeing in the workplace has never been so important. It requires ongoing analysis, regular communication, creativity and innovation. 

OptiMe provides unique HR Support, working closely with each business to understand the organisation’s requirements, embed an effective strategy and analyse data to drive employee health, wellbeing and productivity. 

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