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Supporting Employee Health and Wellbeing

OptiMe is dedicated to optimising the wellbeing of employees through a confidential digital platform that focuses on proactive and preventative support to the balance and wellbeing of your employee’s lives. Through the OptiMe platform, we focus on making a long-lasting, positive impact on employees by addressing small personal challenges before they become a bigger issue. 

OptiMe is the vision of CEO Bethany Ainsley. After qualifying in the U.S. as a Corporate Wellbeing Specialist, Bethany turned her focus and dedication towards improving wellbeing in the workplace by establishing OptiMe to transform employee health and wellbeing with a personalised digital platform to help drive employees towards a happier, healthier and fulfilled lifestyle both in and out of the workplaceIt became apparent to Bethany that busy, hard-working entrepreneurs, professionals and businesses alike require a specialist level of support to effectively manage wellbeing, particularly during times of growth, development or change.

Bethany has been recognised for her work winning multiple awards including Susan Dobson Award for Entrepreneurship, the David Goldman Prize for Innovation and IoD North East & Yorkshire Director of the Year.

An experienced team of wellbeing specialists

OptiMe’s Wellbeing Team is made up of five resident wellbeing specialists across health, nutrition, physical activity, finance and environmental wellbeing. 

In addition, the analytics-driven OptiMe platform provides insightful, data-driven reports to HR professionals, in order to help identify where core wellbeing challenges may lie within the organisation. 

Empowering Employees

The world of work has, and continues to change dramatically every day. From an increase in employees working remotely and an influx of stresses affecting work forces worldwide, wellbeing support is more important than ever for both employees and employers. 

The OptiMe wellbeing platform provides employees with support across social, emotional, financial and environmental challenges they may face, including feelings of isolation, burnout, financial troubles and physical distress that can negatively impact on employee’s wellbeing at home and work. 

OptiMe prides itself on delivering a personalised approach towards supporting an employee’s and an organisation’s wellbeing needs and workplace wellness challenges.

We are proud to work with organisations from across all major industry sectors, ranging from construction and manufacturing to accountancy and professional services to provide effective, proactive wellbeing support.

Supporting organisations of all sizes

Whatever your budget or number of employees, we can customise a wellbeing strategy that suits your organisation’s needs. 

Here are some reasons that this is crucial in your business:

Why choose OptiMe?

Developed by experts, OptiMe offers a completely tailored solution to improving employee wellbeing.

Our Six Pillars approach gives each employee an opportunity to identify their own areas of wellbeing they’d like to focus on, relevant to their own needs.

Our beliefs

We believe in a proactive approach and provide small, manageable steps which lead to big results without requiring a large time commitment.

We respect the privacy of all users. All information will be stored securely, and any information provided to employers will always be anonymous.

How can we help?

Talk to a member of our team about how we can support
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