Month: July 2020

Maintaining Positive Employee Mental Wellbeing

Maintaining Positive Mental Wellbeing at Work: How to support a workforce working from home. With COVID-19 continuing to change working environments across the UK, many employees will currently be experiencing new challenges as well as new advantages of working from home. Now, as we see government guidelines allowing offices across the UK to reopen, we …

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Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing at Work: Why is it needed?

What is Workplace Health and Wellbeing? Workplace wellbeing can be described as ensuring staff have the best possible mental and physical wellbeing. At OptiMe we focus on the 6 pillars of wellbeing including; physical, mental and emotional, social, environmental, professional and financial wellbeing. Ensuring that all aspects of employee wellbeing are managed and improved, leading …

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Exciting News At OptiMe!

We’re nearly ready for lift off! At OptiMe we believe that the workplace should be somewhere to thrive. A place for employees and organisations to reach their full potential! Amidst lockdown, here at OptiMe, we have been working hard to design and launch a brand new app that specialises in ‘Employee Wellbeing on the Go’. …

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